SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and Answers

SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and Answers

This command is used to insert data into a table which is already created. Triggers are used to execute a batch of SQL code when insert or update or delete commands are executed against a table.

Magic Tables are tables automatically created tables in SQL Server used to internally store the inserted, updated values for DML operations such as . It may often happen that you would want to start an instance of SQL Server in the single-user mode. You could do this, either when you want to recover data from other database systems or may want to change server configurations. https://remotemode.net/ These tables exist permanently in the database and only the rows get deleted when the connection gets closed. SQL injection is a technique used to defeat security measures in order to gain access to data. It refers to the process of creating a valid SQL query that is run without proper security measures being in place, such as a data protection plan.

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There will be no or very little empty space left in the page, when the fill factor is 100. It is used to retrieve, store, modify, delete, insert and update data in database. RAID is a disk system that contains multiple disk drives, called an array, how to become a sql server dba to provide greater performance, fault tolerance, storage capacity, at a moderate cost. While configuring your server system, you typically have to make a choice between hardware RAID and software RAID for the server’s internal disk drives.

It can be achieved by making a group of data in the redundant form. The un-normalized and de-Normalized database are completely different from each other.

Q38. Write an SQL Query to find first weekday of the month?

These change tables are the mirror image of the original column structure. A Stored Procedure is a collection or a group of T-SQL statements. Stored Procedures are a precompiled set of one or more statements that are stored together in the database. They reduce the network load because of the precompilation. We can create a Stored Procedure using the “Create proc” statement. Why we use Stored Procedure There are several reasons to use a Stored Procedure.

  • The advantage is that it is not limited to pre-defined functions and writing functions, simply complex SQL code.
  • They provide the enterprise view of your backup and recovery environment.
  • Instead of filtering records, again and again, we can store that small subset of records in a temporary table.
  • Jobs can be scheduled to run at a set time or when a specific event occurs.
  • This action will enable the Not Null constraint for the StudName column.

Union checks the number of columns given in the SELECT statement should be equal or not and the datatypes are also should be same and same applied to UnionAll. Theone-to-onerelationship can be implemented as a single table and rarely as two tables with primary and foreign key relationships. So, basically, you can use the integration services to create solutions without coding, code complex tasks, program the extensive integration object model to create packages. UPDATE _STATISTICS is used to update the information used by indexes such as the distribution of key values for one or more statistic groups in the mentioned indexed view or table. A user-defined function is a function written as per the needs of the user by implementing logic. In these kinds of functions the user is not limited to pre-defined functions and simplify the complex code of predefined function by writing simple code. Mirroring in SQL Server is designed to maintain a hot standby server, that is consistent with the primary server in terms of a transaction.

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