Bench Reviews, Pricing, Company Info, and FAQs

Bench Reviews, Pricing, Company Info, and FAQs

Bench Bookkeeping Review

This mistake can be fixed, however, you’ll just have to log in to’s web-based app and do it yourself. In terms of tax filing, Bench bookkeepers will do all the heavy lifting for you and send you the end product. However, the option is there to get Bench to do it for you through the aptly named BenchTax. The Bench bookkeeper will ask you questions about your business.

Here at DarkRoast Digital, we have been working with an online bookkeeping service called Bench Accounting ( for over a year now. Traditionally, bookkeeping is one of those services that we always thought required personal relationships and facetime. Regardless, we decided to give a shot and see what all of the hype was about.

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Have a look at these Bench Accounting reviews and scrutinize each of the software programs in your shortlist more closely. Such comprehensive research guarantee you weed out ill-fitting software solutions and select the one which includes all the aspects your business requires to be successful. The method of gathering and handling cash flows is known as cash management. Individuals and businesses alike benefit from good cash management.

We were looking for a more simple experience, something with a personal touch by CS. Price was of course a consideration and Bench is competitive. The lag time to get a response from a human being is something I’m getting used to as our world is moving to the online/AI experience. Not timely, not adaptable to my business needs, makes assumptions that I would expect form software not form humans.

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Bench Accounting Review 2020Over the first two years that we were in business, we cycled through a seemingly endless parade of bookkeepers, never managing to find a good fit. All the bookkeepers we had worked with up to that point had struggled to understand our financial processes and the nuances of our business. You can access monthly income statements and balance Bench Bookkeeping Review sheets with descriptive categories make it easy to track changes and monitor financial progress over time. A huge part of saving money for business owners is ensuring that you’re paying your taxes correctly. Failing to do this can lead to massive fines or unexpected bills from the IRS long after you spent the money that was supposed to be used on taxes.

  • It takes a lot to run a business, and the financials are just a small part of the big picture.
  • The worst of all is that, while you do it, you spend hours that you could rather spend doing what you do best, that is, running your business and making more money.
  • Thank you for the time you take to leave a quick review of this software.
  • This is especially helpful if you have overdue bookkeeping that needs to be done.
  • Give the details a look, and select the best plan for your business.
  • To date, everyone has been helpful but I have received no recommendations.

For an additional fee, Bench’s bookkeepers can provide overdue bookkeeping services depending on how late you are on your books. If you’re less than two years behind on your bookkeeping, you’ll need the catch-up bookkeeping add-on. Your bookkeeper will update your books accordingly on your behalf.

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However, one drawback people have noted about Bench is that the accounting service turns over a lot of bookkeepers. Bookkeepers are people too, hence some leave the Bench team for pastures new. So, don’t be shocked if you go through a few bookkeepers during your time spent working with Bench. In order for your bookkeeper to complete your accounts, you’re going to need to supply them with your financial details. To do so, you are required to link your bank account, debit/credit, and any other payment gateway with’s platform. You’ll be pleased to know you won’t have to contact your bookkeeper every time you want a status report of your financials.

Bench Bookkeeping Review

Look at the list of services they offer and what they don’t. You’ll see that what they DO offer is marked up google searches and what they DON’T offer is the actual guidance you need from an experienced tax professional. They offer historical bookkeeping to get you caught up for a small additional fee. A year’s worth of bookkeeping can take them less than a month to go through and organize. When you decide to sign up with Bench Accounting, you will be assigned to a team of three people that will manage your accounting information. Each person is trained in-house by Bench, and they can be reached by phone or email at no extra charge, as much as you need.

Bench Accounting features

Finally, Bench gets its bookkeepers to double-check their colleague’s work. According to’s website, this quality control, if you will, is performed by a member of Bench’s in-house team.

How do I cancel my bench account?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to the accounts tab in your dashboard.
  3. Click on the 'Cancel' button.

During my sales onboarding call, we obviously talked about where my business was located and what I did. Furthermore, all my tax documents, s-corp filings are based in NYC.

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But everyone has their own idea of what’s important and hopefully this article has provided some knowledge to help you reach a decision that will work best for your business.’s service is built on their own proprietary software platform. Access to information regarding the creation of a small business can help people plan wisely and avoid common pitfalls.

  • Also, it ensures adequate security, processing integrity, availability, privacy and confidentiality of business data as a SOC 2 compliant portal.
  • Responses are not provided or commissioned by the vendor or bank advertiser.
  • I am not able to get quite as granular with monthly reports as I was doing my own books with Quickbooks, but the bookkeepers are very helpful with providing info when requested.
  • They will provide your books as spreadsheets for your CPA to work with.
  • Bench truly understands the anxieties that come with the process and resolve them in real time.

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